What is Sexual Empowerment?

Awaken, invigorate, and unleash the sexual energy within you.

Sexual Empowerment is a discovery into your relationship with your own sexuality.  It is the opportunity to identify and work through areas where you are feeling inhibited, repressed, self-conscious, or stuck.  This is for those who are both single or partnered.

Are you interested to explore this area of your life and learn how interconnected it may be to the whole of your life?  What rippling effect might occur if you stepped into your authentic sexuality? How might you feel, see, and experience things differently if you awakened and sparked this area of your life into action?


I hear people quickly label others with sexually disempowering words.  I see people dressing and acting in ways they think will appease others rather than expressing themselves.  I hear misinformation when women are talking about their reproductive systems.  I’ve spoken with individuals who are lost in a society where they do not fit gender norms.  I’ve spoken to women and men who are completely blocked towards receiving pleasure.  And I know people who want to, but haven’t had sex in many years.

And then I witness people who are sexually alive and confident.  I see people who walk with fluidity, grace and poise.  I hear language that is bold and forthright. I hear stories about openness to trying new things and having conversations that push themselves to think differently.  I see authentic clothing choices that showcase individuality to the world.  I see partners playfully dance with the exchange of masculine and feminine energy to create a simmering foreplay, before the foreplay.


I have no interest in keeping any area of human sexuality taboo.  It is a nourishing experience to see others step into the fullest expression of themselves.  It is fascinating to witness how people’s lives are systemically effected in a positive way when they offer themselves this permission.

External pressures and life traumas can be powerful factors that contribute to us choosing – consciously or subconsciously – to suppress things.  However,  it’s our internal strength, processing and awarenesses that has the ultimate power to set us free.

Sexual Empowerment offers you the opportunity to step out of inhibition and into a liberated sense of self.