What is Coaching?


You are the ultimate authority of your life.

Coaching is a process of creating a powerful space for you to be able to access information and desired solutions from within. Coaching assists you to confidently work through challenges in a way that is realistic and authentic for you.

The terms “coach” and “coaching” are used widely and in many contexts and industries. It is therefore important to clarify my definition, so to offer you a foundational understanding of the principles that will guide our time together in sessions.

Sessions offer a way to see things differently – a framework from which to reconsider the things you’ve been placing your attention. Consider the image below.  Without the frames, one might take in the whole image all at once – the big picture.  Now, take a moment to focus your attention through just one of the two frames, and then the other.  What do you notice?

Imagine for a moment that the whole picture represents a challenge in your life.  You have spent much time thinking about and trying to troubleshoot this challenge – seeing it through just one of those two frames.  Just suppose you had the ability to suddenly see your challenge out of the second frame.  What new insights might that offer you?

Coaching creates a space where one can shift their mindset, see things in a new way, gather fresh perspectives and formulate action steps.



The role of a coach is to offer you – the client – opportunity to illicit new thoughts, realizations and perspectives. We facilitate deep processing through the asking of powerful pertinent questions. One of the key things about the coach-client relationship is that it is indeed a partnership. This relationship is meant to be supportive, and the process fluid. The coach can offer accountability, however it is you who sets the goals for the long-term contract and also each individual session.   The coach is there to be an acute listener and active participant who provides value by supporting and nurturing your thought processing.  This  allows you to access new thoughts, often in an exciting way.

Solution focused – Coaching helps you to identify and get clear on what it is you do want (opposed to what you don’t want). We work together to determine why that is important for you and how you can get there in an achievable way.

Future focused – When identifying your desired outcome and the steps to get there, we steady our attention on what is ahead.  The goal is to keep your focus facing forward.

A coach is in many ways simply a conduit allowing you to access your own thoughts and cultivate your answers from within.  The experience of being coached can be an empowering, liberating and inspiring place to play as you come up with new realizations, awarenesses and solutions.