The WSW Community

Welcome lovely lady! (yea, I’m talking to you)

You’ve stumbled across something amazing and we are so glad you found us!

The Women-Supporting-Women Community

is a place where women gather to connect in safe space to heal, build, grow, learn and do good deeds


It was born out of the desire to create the community I wished that I had when I was going through difficult times. Upon starting the community it became immediately clear that women are CRAVING a place to connect with other women that is non-competitive, loving, supporting and healing.

So many women lack genuine women-to-women relationship. Often times female relationships can become tainted with jealousy, competitiveness, cattiness and so forth.

Here, we are on a mission to dissolve that and create a safe and supportive space where women can raise each other up authentically with care, compassion and love.

The beginning! (Some of the founding members)


The community if founded on one basic and absolutely essential principle: safety

Once we have this, the rest sort of falls into place.

To create this, we have community guidelines which create a safe container for people to show up, share and support one another.

The community is discussion based and the magical ingredient which makes every gathering so special is you and your contributions. Each member brings something unique and by coming together and showing up for one another’s stories, experiences and insights we see that we are not alone and that we are all on this journey together!


  • The community meets twice monthly, always on Wednesday evenings
  • Most meetings take place on Zoom and occasionally occur in-person in Montreal
  • You do NOT need to be a Montreal resident to attend
  • All events are announced through the meetup community Women-Supporting-Women: Ambitious & Ready to Rise
    • Please “Join this Group” on to get event announcements
  • RSVP’s are required to attend


Once a month, I invite a local entrepreneur to co-host a meeting with me. This provides the community with expertise on a specific subject that will support the members and in exchange the businesses gain exposure to our audience and promotion through the community.

If you are interested in co-hosting with me, please contact me to let me know what you offer and how it might support the WSW Community

Here is some examples:


In addition to all of the juicy stuff outlined above, we have a vision to not only continue to offer free twice monthly gatherings/meetups, but also grow this community to offer:

  • A Yearly Acts of Kindness Community Event
  • Submit monthly financial donations to our chosen charities (one global, one local)
  • Host a yearly Women’s Conference
  • Possibly even increase the number of meetings per month


If you are reading this, you have found us at a very exciting time of expansion, growth and vision!

All of this will only be able to continue and sustain long term with financial donations from the community

Therefore, I am excited to announce that you can now donate in two ways:

Monthly Donations via our Patreon Memberships

One-time Only Donations

If you receive value from this community, believe in the work we do and the impact we are having (and will continue to have!), I ask that you please donate today – your donation will go a long way and be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your interest, participation and donations!