Deepest Truth Discovery Session

This service is founded on the idea that we each have a “core truth” – a quality we were gifted with at birth which is part of our truest essence.  This truth, if not already shared with the world, is craving to be seen and offered.  

Somewhere along the way, many of us stop believing our core truth and start to believe something that is negative and untrue about ourselves – we call this a “core falsehood”.

Examples of Core Truths:  Radiant Love, Worthy, Divine Being, Shining Star, Beautiful, Magnificent, Role Model

Examples of Core Falsehoods: Pathetic, Leopard, Scaredy Cat, Ugly, Stupid, Insignificant, Evil

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The Process – this session is a process of enquiry to determine your core truth and core falsehood.  This awareness is profound and you leave the session reset to your core truth.

Session Length: approximately one hour – can be booked as a stand alone session.

Follow Up: sessions available

Investment:  $150 CAD

    The Deepest Truth Discovery process (officially name:
Core Antidote) is one of the most transformational techniques
that I have personally experienced for releasing emotional
triggers that were previously holding me back.