Sexual Empowerment Coaching

I believe that sexuality is too often overlooked as an area of self-development – it is as important as one’s career, finances, and health. However, Sexual Empowerment Coaching isn’t just about sexuality. I recognize that our lives are interconnected and that sexuality is simply one part of our “whole”.

I work with people to move past perceived barriers by exploring what it is they truly want while supporting them to create realistic and achievable ways to get it. While the overarching goals may be related to an aspect of, or in relationship to, sexuality, it is not necessary that the conversation is always on this subject. I create space for what is most important for the client to discuss so that layers peel back in appropriate order.

In this podcast you can here me chat more about Sexual Empowerment and Sexual Empowerment Coaching:

Are you interested in…?

– clarifying what sexuality means to you
– stepping into your authentic sense of sexual confidence
– finding your inner tiger or tigress
– moving through shame
– feeling more connected to your body
– inviting more pleasure into your life
– moving ‘stuck’ energy
– increasing self love
– connecting with your wants and desires
– finding out what fuels you
– feeling f*c&ing sexy
– taking control of your life and living from a masterful place
– transiting into a new phase of exploration or sexual identity

I am passionate about working with people to explore and discover what sexuality means to them, what they desire, why they want it, and how to take steps in the desired direction. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve further clarity and confidence in relationship with your own sexuality. And as we are a “whole” person, it is amazing to witness how efforts in this area can positively shift other areas of your life.

You are beautiful.

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Available: Single sessions and value-added packages.