1-on-1 Coaching

I am consistently working with my own coaches so that I can show up for you – my clients – at 100%.

Some things my coaches help me with are:

  • moving through fears and hesitations
  • reconnecting me with my “why” when I’m feeling overwhelmed
  • carve out clear action steps
  • make realistic plans
  • bring forward new awarenesses and make new connections
  • prioritize goals
  • transform negative feelings and thoughts into positive inspirations
  • source motivation and momentum

And these are some of the things I work with my clients on too!

Working with me is an opportunity for you to think differently – I will ask you questions you would never think to ask yourself.

What you think you want to change or
achieve in your life, is likely surface level.

I gently and creatively challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and out of your own way.  

We go deeper to find out what it is you really want underneath superficial thought layers.  

From there things get really interesting.

We open up creative pathways in your brain.

This is where fresh perspectives, new options and solutions become available.

Working together offers you the opportunity to delve deep into ‘you’ on a soul level.

Get clear. Make shifts. Take action.

Get started now or read this to get even clearer
about what it means to work with me as your coach:

5 Powerful Impacts of Life Coaching

It is an absolute honour to be trusted by you on your journey.  It brings me immense joy and gratitude to serve you to experience transformation, growth and forward momentum towards reaching your highest potential.