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We are all the same species, and human beings require some basic fundamentals of nutrition to keep our bodies living optimally.  However, our bodies are more than just an equation of carbs, protein and fat.  Your body may need different requirements than your friend or co-worker because we have different constitutions, stressors, and challenges.

The old adage of “we are what we eat” is now outdated.  You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb.  Meaning, if the digestive system is not up to par, you may be wasting your time eating the most nutrient dense and healthy foods because the nutrients are going through you and not in to you.


Nutritional supplements are used to help restock the vitamins and minerals in our bodies that have become depleted due to insufficient consumption, lack of absorption, or increased need due to external or internal stressors.

Supplements come in many different forms.  Examples include things such as: probiotics, L-Glutamine, HCl, digestive enzymes, zinc, vitamin C, etc…

Not all supplements are created equally.  Some over the counter supplements purchased at pharmacies contain binders and fillers and are highly compressed making it very difficult for the body to absorb.

If you choose to purchase a recommended supplement from my personal dispensary, they are sold at additional cost.  The price of supplements is NOT included in the cost of my consultation fee.

Supplements are also available for purchase through my virtual dispensary and shipped straight to your home:

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.


Have you ever considered your lifestyle and environment as critically important ways to feed your body?  Our relationships and routines are as important as the food choices we make. Just as we pick out healthy foods at the supermarket, we must also examine and chose healthy friendships, partnerships, exercise routines, hobbies, etc…  Are your daily choices promoting your health, wellbeing and ultimately your survival?