I am incredibly proud to offer you these e-courses because they are inspired by and birthed from my own personal experiences and challenges. It is my honour to support you to move through your own story and find the best way to journey forward. I am humbled to have you part of this beautiful community and welcome you to be a Woman of Resilience. Xo


“Why me?” to “Yasss QUEEN!”

This course is for single, ambitious ladies struggling with the “If only’s…”

If you’re ready to say good-bye to the vicious cycle of complaining and comparison, then this e-course is for you.

It goes deep! This course gets to the ROOT cause of the “If only’s…” – it provides tools and resources along the way so that you rewire your brain to create new, supportive and life changing thoughts and habits.

It is a roadmap for creating mental awareness, agility and intelligence.

The result?

Peace, joy, a problem-solving mentality, productivity and ultimately – the ability to create the dreams and vision that you deeply desire.

Stay tuned! Coming Soon!


Maneuvering Through Miscarriage

This course is for women who have experienced the loss of an early miscarriage.

When I experienced early pregnancy loss, I felt very unsupported and alone. It was one of the most challenging and emotional experiences of my life.

If you are one of the “1-in-4”, I created this easily accessible e-course so that you can be supported, know that you are not alone and have tangible resources to help you process and be present with your loss.

Join us to:

– connect with the lost art of mourning
– release the painful emotions we attach to the hurtful things people say
– create meaningful and personalized ways to memorialize your baby

We are not meant to do this on your own.

Much love and see you inside the course.