My name is Jessica. I partner with every day people to help them through their challenges, realize and work towards their goals, and find new ways to carry themselves forward.  

Life sometimes feels like a punch in the gut.  What I’ve come to learn, is that no matter how many times I feel like I’m punched in the gut, fall, or fail, there are always support and support systems available to help.  Sometimes the hardest part of challenging situations, is finding it within ourselves to see the solutions, change our thinking, reach out, ask and receive. 

My aim is to empower, liberate and inspire others to live masterfully.  

I have a goal to help you step into a life of nourishment and progress. I want to see you stand tall in your self worth, speak confidently using your own voice, and find the resourcefulness within you to step into the life you dream of.

Living masterfully means leaving no one area of your life ignored. When we turn a blind eye to any one area of our lives, it creates instability. When we least expect it, that one area could come crashing down, destroying efforts we have placed elsewhere, such as: a resounding career, nourishing relationships, financial freedom, or supreme health. One of my mentor’s, Dr. Kevin Millet, says:

“If you think your life is working in all areas except one, it’s not.

If one part of your life isn’t working, your life isn’t working.”

Living masterfully doesn’t mean everything is easy.  No, not at all!  Living masterfully means you have committed yourself as the one who is responsible and capable of maneuvering through life’s challenges and sorting out the solutions (be them mental, spiritual, physical or emotional). 


I have overcome chronic and at times severe eczema.  The process of working through this physical “weak link” helped me to learn so many things about myself and initiated a transition into a wonderful and rewarding career in health and wellness. Prior to launching this business, I worked as a nutritional consultant and practitioner of Total Body Modification at the following clinics:

I believe that we always have room to grow, expand and be better. I continue to step into a more empowered version of myself. It is my calling to help others to do the same.