I am here to create space for women to be seen, heard, and acknowledged.

I believe that inside each and every one of us, we have all the resources required to find our way through all of life’s challenges. 

I work tirelessly towards finding solutions to my life’s challenges and I work tirelessly to support others to do the same.

I’ve combined my personal experiences with my years of study and work in health and wellness to create services and products that support and empower women.

Outside of coaching, I love dancing.  My hearts soars when someone asks me if I’m a professional dancer (I’m not!).  I’ve also travelled extensively by both bicycle and backpacking. 



If you’re interested in some of the more standard credential based stuff, here it is: 

My personal coaching practice was previously focused on Sexual Empowerment Coaching.  Before that I worked as a nutritional consultant and practitioner of Total Body Modification at the following clinics:

I have studied at:

Prior and Ongoing Personal Development:

  • Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power Within’ – July 2017
  • Integrity! TBM Retreat – March 2017
  • Personal Coaching Sessions (with various coaches) – ongoing
  • 1:1 Mentorship with Dr. Kevin Millet – 2016/2017
  • 1:1 Business Mentorship with Mark Bentz – 2018 to present

Come learn more about 1-on-1 coaching, my e-course or reach out directly.