Hello sweet lovely!

You have found yourself here and I am so grateful for your interest in my offerings.

I love to work with women who are trying to improve their lives, be that stepping into their power, out of suffering or manifesting their ambitions – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. There is so much beauty in the transformation from survival state into magnetic abundance and love. We all deserve to find and live from a place of peace and joy.

Life can be tough. I know, I went through more than 5 years of utter survival. I often say that in those 5 years I cried more than in the rest of my life combined.

I learned bucketfuls about myself and life in that time. My hardships also birthed my inspiration for helping women move through their challenges. I do the work that I do because I know many women are suffering at this very moment – feeling alone, stuck and unsupported. The suffering is very real and it is my purpose to offer you my hand to rise up and move forward.


This is one of the things I was put on the planet to do. When you are doing the work you are meant to do, that automatically gives you an edge – it’s the difference between Mozart becoming a basketball player or a musician.


Many coaches do what I call “surface level coaching”. They stay in the safe zone with their clients, intimidated by difficult conversations and taboo topics. I am not afraid to hold space for vulnerability, taboo talk and sensitive subjects. This is often where transformation and paradigm shifting new awarenesses are often hiding.

If it’s not fun,

you’re not doing it right!

– Bob Basso

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I worked as a nutritional consultant and practitioner of Total Body Modification at the following clinics:

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