Habits to create a strong, resilient mind & body

It’s not news that there is added stress at this time. We all know that. So I’m going to keep the preamble short.

During this time of isolation we have to do things differently, in more ways than one.

Our social circles, regular hobbies and careers have all had monkey wrenches thrown into their operating systems.

This translates to increased anxiety, overwhelm, boredom, and frustration. Further to that, the things that usually offer stress release, relaxation and respite may be inaccessible or just not ‘doing the trick’ right now.

Because of this, more than ever, it is critically important that we step-up self care. It’s time to get resourceful and find ways to maintain, start or improve our mental and physical wellbeing to become strong and resilient.

Habits to create a strong & resilient mind and body


Follow inspiring people who have overcome extraordinary obstacles to achieve success

When I am feeling defeated or deflated I shift my mindset by getting out of my bubble. I learn about and from people who have been through challenges that FAR surpass mine and are now living fantastically full and amazing lives.

Here is one example of an inspiring person that gets me out of ‘woe-is-me’ mode and into ‘time-to-go!’ mode:

  • Turia Pitt – After being caught in a grassfire, she lost 7 fingers and had full-thickness burns on 65% of her body. Turia had more than 200 surgeries! She was told she would never walk, run or have independence again. Now, she is an Ironman competitor, successful business woman, motivational speaker, coach and mom of 2 young children. Just, WOW!

Watch informative and eye-opening docu-series & documentaries

Get a shift in perspective by opening your eyes to other people’s realities. It’s not warm and fuzzy to learn about modern-day slave labour, human trafficking or cartel-torn towns. BUT, it does offer an INSTANT CONTRAST to your life. The more aware we are of other people’s suffering, the more gratitude we have for the blessings in our lives. Having awareness of others suffering is humbling and also incentivizing to give more and do more to make positive changes in society.

These docu-series instantly offered me a new perspective:

  • Rotten – This series unveils the underbelly of our food systems. Everything from avocado cartels, modern day slavery and human trafficking (on sugar cane and chocolate farms), to the impact of corporate power and greed on marginalized communities for financial gain.
  • The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez – This is a shocking story of child abuse that ultimately lead to the murder of a young boy named Gabriel. It also exposes problems and challenges in government systems which is resulting in many children remaining in dangerous homes and situations.

Schedule in time for daily meditation

In just a few minutes, meditation can bring you into a calm and relaxed state. Like many people right now, I was inspired to do something to give back to society and support during COVID-19. Meditation is proven to help create a strong mind. You can read more about that and listen to a Free Guided Meditation that I specifically designed to shift you from anxiety, fear and overwhelm into deep calm, gratitude and relaxation. Check it out.

Learn something new every day

Take a break from COVID-19 related news. Pic something of interest and learn about it. You could read a book, listen to a podcast or watch a video on a subject to enhance your knowledge of whatever interests you. It feels good to challenge your brain and when you use it to learn something new you are positively distracted from COVID-19 news and creating habits to form a strong and resilient mind.

Reach out for one-on-one support

If you feel you need additional support, there are many councillors, therapists, energy healers and other practitioners offering their services online. For example, I work with clients from all over the world over phone and internet to provide one-on-one coaching sessions. 1:1 coaching offers personalized support to help craft a strong mind, handle challenges and find solutions with more ease. If you are interested and curious how this may help you, please know that the first call (which includes a full coaching session!) is completely free.


Join an online exercise community

We all know exercise is an important habit to create a strong mind and body. However, exercise during self-isolation can be more challenging if you are used to going to the gym or group exercise classes.

However, the good new is that there seems to be more online exercise classes available now than ever before! There are a plethora of paid and free exercise classes available on YouTube, Instagram live stories and private Zoom and Skype calls.

Choose one or two, mark them in your schedule and attend!

Prioritize adequate and restful sleep

When I was working in health clinics I used to talk regularly with clients about the benefits of sleep and how to achieve restful and adequate sleep nightly. I suggest that you learn these sleep hygiene habits to support your body and mind to be strong and resilient.

Make wise food choices; drink adequate water

I used to work as a Holistic Nutritionist so I know nutrition can be complicated! My general recommendations are to keep food choices simple. Focus on whole food sources and adequate clean, quality water.

How much water? A recommend this rule: 2 L for every 100 lbs of body weight

Being in isolation may offer an opportunity to cook wholesome, balance meals that are free from additives, preservations and artificial colors/flavours.

It can be easy to overeat when your fridge is just a few feet away, so I share with you a reminder to moderate quantity – “Eat to fill yourself, not kill yourself” as my dad likes to say.

Breathe Fresh Air

This may seem simple, but even opening a window or taking a 20 minute walk outside can help you feel refreshed, increase energy and reduce risk of disease.

More important than trying to implement all of the above, is to choose 1-2 that you know are realistic and can help make a difference in your life. It is better to start simple and build slowly, then to attempt everything at once. If you end up feeling overwhelmed, the likely outcome is making little to no sustainable changes.

Make it realistic and doable, then start!

Be well.

Stay Safe. Stay home.

Live from love.

xo. jessica

4 thoughts on “Habits to create a strong, resilient mind & body

  1. donnaspurrell says:

    Lots of great information in this article. Thank you Jessica. So many people have so much to deal with and we all cope in different ways, especially with what has happened in Nova Scotia on top of the pandemic. I am sure people will find help here.

    • Jessica Budgell says:

      Thanks Donna! You make really great points and I appreciate you taking the time to say hi and share your thoughts. I hope you and yours are well and finding ways to support yourself now and always <3 Anything in specific you are doing to keep your mind and body strong?

  2. Pierre says:

    This post is very nice and offer interresting possibilities and perspectives ; especially in this strange time to get out of the comfort zone and take the opportunity to empower daily life.

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