5 Powerful Impacts of Life Coaching

Coaches are tools for transformation.

That’s right – tools! 

We are not gurus, gods or magicians.  Like any other helping profession, we are skilled and trained service providers who help you to problem solve and express your fullest potential.

I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t have “stuff” they are working on, going through and in the middle of.  

Life is a wild ride for each and every one of us.

When we find ourselves feeling swapped, overwhelmed or disengaged by life’s challenges we have two options:

  • Do it alone or get support.

As a coach, my role is to hold space, listen deeply and ask you questions you would never think to ask yourself. 

The quality of the questions we ask is the quality of the life we live.

-unknown author

Our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs define our feelings and our feelings determine our actions.  Without support, it is incredibly difficult to go deeper and see your situation from a fresh perspective.  Our thoughts get stuck on a rigid set of train tracks, believing that there is no way other than what we currently experience. 

Get off the train tracks!

Will she choose to stay on the thought-tracks she knows? Or does she have the courage to ask herself hard questions?

My job as a coach is to get you off the thought tracks you’re stuck on which opens up creative new parts of the brain where solutions and opportunities await. 

And it works! The personal coaching industry has exceeded $1 Billion and it’s still growing. According to Market Research, it’s projected that the coaching market value will reach $1.34 billion by 2022. The market is filling an important niche that wasn’t previously available – and people are hungry for it.

5 Powerful Impacts of Coaching

Present & Future Focused

In coaching we do not focus on the past. We start with where you are right now. We get clear on what you want and all the details around that. Using the coaching process and various techniques, you are supported to find realistic and reasonable ways to create the results you are looking to achieve (by the way, those steps come from you – I don’t tell you what to do or how to do it! You are the source of all inspiration!)

New Awarenesses & Insights

Clients love the ‘a-ha!’ moments created in sessions together. These moments are deep insights, personal learnings and new awarenesses that often spark big changes in perspective, energy, and mood. They usually inspire new approaches to life and help people to release negativity.

Efficiency & Speed  

When you have help you move faster.  

Climbing Mount Everest can be done solo. However, if you ask for help you will get to the top of the mountain with more ease, speed and a higher likelihood of success.

With a coach, you get razor sharp focus to streamline your effort.

Support & Accountability 

Most of us, on some level, care what other people think of us. For this reason, having someone gently hold you accountable can be greatly beneficial. When you have regularly set appointments, a routine and method in place which you’ve invested in – your desire to show up and achieve results is amplified.

As you are likely aware, the inner work and is crucial for creating clarity, but it is taking action that creates tangible and concrete results.

Purpose & Clarity

Perhaps the most important benefit of having a coach is achieving deep clarity about who you are, what is important to you in this life and what impact that has on you and those around you.

When you know yourself, express your essence and make choices from that place – you become unstoppable.

How we act, the words we use and our goals are driven by deeper meaning and connection.

The decision to hire a coach comes when you are ready.  

Are you ready?

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